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1) Barcode Source (Sister Concern Of DataSource Software Ltd.) aims at reaching out all the quality hardware & software products as listed in the portal to the benefit of its esteemed users. In this endeavor, if any Manufacturer/ Authorized Distributor/ Software vendor/ Solution provider or any entity directly related to these products in a responsible capacity have any objection to the Product/ Content/ Pricing/ Collaterals (Brochure/Video) & any other aspect, kindly represent the same in writing to us at info@barcodesourcebd.com for necessary action thereon.

2) Barcode Source has provided all the Information/ Pricing/ Content/ Collaterals (Brochure/Video) in the portal with all necessary diligence & utmost care. However if the information provided still does not fulfill these requisites in any form/lacks credibility or misleading in any way to our users or stakeholders, we would request you to share such information in writing to us at admin@onlypos.in for necessary correction/changes as may be required. However Barcode Source does not take any responsibility for any result arising out of this inadvertent error.

3) Barcode Source is an aggregator of Hardware, Software & solutions under "Point of Sale (POS)" category to serve our esteemed customers in the Retail & Non-retail verticals. Therefore the Brand ownership, Logo & products belong to the respective manufacturer/companies only & Barcode Source holds no responsibility whatsoever towards the product performance or deliverables thereon.

4) The Warranty & After sales service for the Hardware & software products listed in Barcode Source  would be provided by the respective Manufacturer/Company authorized Partner in Bangladesh only as per their standard norms. Accordingly the Warranty/After sales service period, policies, terms & conditions of all products listed vary from each Brand/Manufacturer/Company authorized partner as the case may be. Kindly verify the same with us before placing your order to avoid any confusion arising out of this at a later stage.

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